Your Personal Haircare Specialist

One of my FAVORITE parts of this blog is making hair recommendations for all of my new reader friends. It’s the BEST feeling when I get a message from someone with a specific issue and I’m able to help them! Now I want to help with YOUR hair challenges. So far I am batting a thousand so hopefully this blog post helps maintain my average.

I’m your personal virtual haircare specialist—let’s tackle your specific hair challenges. Sometimes we need to see or feel your hair in person to fix an issue, but we can often really help things just by talking about what’s going on with your hair.

Let me prescribe the best ‘medicine’ for your hair! Some of the challenges I can help you with via the internet are:


I always start with, “Have you read this blog post: How To Actually Shampoo Your Hair The *Right* Way??” because 9 out of 10 times it solves the problem. Dandruff is a problem for many people but it’s also caused by many different factors. So when it comes to product recommendations for dandruff, it varies greatly based on your routine, environment, and overall health. Identifying those factors is the best way to remedy the problem. But if I’m being really real here…more often than not this shampoo post can help.

Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is caused by an overproduction of sebum, leaving hair flat and just…gross feeling. Like dandruff, greasy hair can be caused by an array of issues. And again, my first recommendation for getting rid of greasy hair would be to refer back to that shampoo post. Gosh I know, I do that a lot. Many of the people who ask me about greasy hair are experiencing hormonal changes or going through puberty. (Ugh, as if they don’t have enough going on…why is greasy hair part of it? Bless adolescents.) If this is you, I recommend using a solid clarifying shampoo like Davines SOLU shampoo or Davines REBALANCING shampoo if it’s been a continuous issue.

Dull, Brittle Hair

When it comes to dull, brittle hair, we need to talk about lifestyle and environment. Are you eating a fair amount of healthy fats and protein? Do you work outdoors? Are you spending your weekends at the lake? Check your nutrition and wear a hat to start. Sometimes something as easy as a one-time mask can greatly help dull, brittle hair. Other times, more personalized assistance is required. The Davines NOURISHING line, OI line, and OI All in One Milk is ALWAYS a great soft, shiny and strong hair care routine, but especially in the summer months. Don’t forget swimming and being outdoors can have huge side effects on your hair, including making it dull and brittle.

Itchy Scalp

No one wants to get stuck with an itchy head. If you don’t have something like lice or psoriasis, take a look at your medications. Medications or surgeries can send your head into a real tailspin of issues, oftentimes including making your scalp itchy. Again, this can happen from a variety of causes with individual fixes, but my go-to products for soothing an itchy scalp are from the Davines CALMING line.

Frizzy Hair

Oh girl do I feel you…frizz can be seriously annoying. The good news is I have so many amazing products I can share with you! We just need to talk about your personal routine and hair type. Also, you should read this Blowdry Basics blog for more frizz-fighting styling tips.

Tangly Hair

Bless your heart—some hairs just tangle. They tangle when healthy, they tangle when cut, they’re just tangly. I have some product recommendations for you once I hear more about your routine and hair type, but also know you are not alone in this struggle.

Over-Processed Hair

This is a sad story. Once damage is done to hair, it can’t be undone but it can be improved. There are products made specifically for chemically damaged hair—my go-to is the Davines NOURISHING line, full of goodness to help get your hair back on track. But also know that if your stylist is continuously over-processing your hair, you need a new stylist. Of course, damage happens during chemical processes, I won’t say that it doesn’t, but every time? No way, switch to someone else.

Burned Hair

Unfortunately, burned hair really can’t be fixed, but it can usually be prevented. Please, please make sure your hair is DRY DRY DRY before you start heat styling. PLEASE. MAKE. SURE. IT’S. DRY! Styling your hair with hot tools when it’s even just a smidge damp can cause irreversible damage. I know life happens, I know you’re in a hurry and want to let damp be “good enough,” but listen to me: IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE. Go with the Davines NOURISHING line to heal your burned hair as much as possible.

Curly Hair

Curly ladies, I know oftentimes I leave you out of the conversation. This is kind of intentional since you, my beautiful friend, have your own set of hair rules. You know this because you and your amazing curls are in the awesome minority, and “for all hair types” won’t always work for you. If you’re old enough to be reading this blog, you’ve more than likely already had to figure out your curly hair situation. But just know…girl, I always have products for you too. For the curly girl that doesn’t shampoo, I have a curl cleansing cream. What?? I know, so cool. I have a curl-friendly blowdry spray for when you brave that journey. I have an amazing-for-curls shampoo, conditioner, curl cream, curl controller, reactivator…I have all the things for you. Let’s be friends! I am a wavy, wannabe-curly girl too so I know some of these products from firsthand use.

So this wraps up our virtual haircare session—I hope you’ve got some new tips or product recommendations to try out! As we’ve covered, our hair can face MANY unique and specific challenges. If you have any follow-up questions or want to chat about any and all things hair, please send me an email or a DM! We can chat about what will work best for YOU specifically. Did I mention I LOVE HELPING YOU?! Let’s chat!



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  1. Thanks Katie for all the great information. I knew hair would be a passion of yours and also fashion. Remember that fashion camp when you were 10 years old .


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