My Favorite Summer Products for Beauty, Family, and More

Katie Dunlavy of the Pearl Pages standing in front of Roller City wearing rust colored Lularoe Jax joggers, and white tank top, and oversized sunglasses with her hair in a bun carrying a Gucci tote bag.

I LOVE spending the summer with my family. Every summer, my goal is to have as few obligations as possible to get in every single hug, art project, and sweaty pool-filled afternoon I can with my babes. This year is definitely different but the goal’s still the same, so I’m gearing up with some old summer favorites and new picks for 2020.

Ever buy something and then are AMAZED when it actually does what it claims? I’ll instantly message my girlfriends like, “TRY THIS!!!” This blog is my way of sending that same message to you. Here are some of my fave summer products that make it easy to relax and ENJOY!


Flower Beauty Glow Getter Liquid Illuminizer

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Let’s be real: makeup is expensive. And even though I’m not going out and about much these days, I still want to look put together—so I’m always looking for inexpensive beauty products that WORK. This Flower Beauty Liquid Illuminizer is perfect for giving your skin that summer glow. It’s only $13 and it makes me feel pretty—I mean, do I need to add more? $13 for a confidence boost?? AMEN! I don’t know if I’m using it exactly as intended, but I put it on my cheeks, nose, forehead before I use my tinted moisturizer and it makes me feel like Kate Hudson. Enough said!

Thinksport and Thinkbaby Sunscreen

Y’all, if you never researched sunscreen, DO IT! I’m not going to say anything more, but I will say it convinced me not to spray myself or my kids down with sunscreen. No judgment If you do! I’m no sunscreen expert, BUT I trust Think—they make the only sun-care products I’ve used since Ada was teeny-tiny. The kids and I use Thinkbaby and Mike uses Thinksport since it’s extra sweat-proof. Maybe there’s new and amazing stuff out there (my anxiety doesn’t want to go back down the sunscreen rabbit hole to check, lol) but Think has been a great safe sunscreen for our family. My fair-skinned Irish babes gladly lather up and haven’t had a sunburn in years!

Skinny Tan Wonder Serum

So as you all know Skinny Tan stopped making my favorite self-tanning product. They didn’t even ask me, can you believe it? 😉 Ever since, I’ve been trying to find a comparable self-tanner, even looking outside of the brand for a new fave. I’m not there yet—and I’ve had plenty of bad tans to prove it. So out of a cabinet full of tanning products I don’t love, I find myself continuously reaching for this Skinny Tan Wonder Serum.

Here’s what I DO like about it: first, you can see where you apply it. You get an instant, nice bronzey color! It also doesn’t transfer to your sheets, it doesn’t smell funky, and it dries almost instantly. All great things! What I DON’T like is how it comes off after 5 or so days later. Now I’m not great about exfoliating and moisturizing so this could be application user error but the Wonder Serum’s tan does come off kind of splotchy. That being said, Wonder Serum is the best self-tanner I‘ve come across so far—I’m still searching, though.

For the Kids

onn. Portable HD Projector

So in an attempt to A) make EVERYTHING extra exciting in the summer and B) give the kids back their beloved movie time with their uncle, we got this onn. Portable Projector to watch movies on our porch while social distancing. This is a total winner! It’s so fun watching movies or shows outside, and the projector itself is easy to use. It comes with Roku so you can connect to your Netflix or Disney+ and get watching. You can wirelessly hook it up to a computer too, although we haven’t tried that yet. So far the family is loving this projector—I have a feeling we’ll keep using it past COVID life!

Hello Bello Diapers and Wipes

Ok, not technically summer products, but I just discovered these diapers and it’s summer, so here we are. Mommas, get ya some Hello Bello!! These diapers are PLUSH—like I want to wear them, they feel that amazing. They haven’t leaked a single time either, which is something we really struggled with prior to Hello Bello. I turned to social media with a “Help! This baby keeps leaking, is it a boy thing? What is happening??” and Hello Bello diapers were one of the recommendations I got. Oh, and we also learned he’s sensitive to every wipe we liked (aka, worked well). Hello Bello wipes make everyone happy! You can order online as a subscription through Hello Bello’s website or find them at Walmart.

Polymer Modeling Clay

In my last product-picks blog, I talked about the girls’ favorite art kits. Well, now they’ve moved on to polymer clay and are making the cutest creations. They’re having the BEST time—the tools are relatively inexpensive and the girls use this Sculpey polymer clay almost every day. I love seeing what they come up with!

ALSO! The splash pad I mentioned in that same post, that I couldn’t wait to get? BUSTED!!! I’m going to add a disclaimer to that piece of garbage—it popped on the 3rd use and the only one using it was the baby. He got a new splash pad for his birthday which we’ve only used once so far, but I’ll share the details if it holds up!


Davines SU line

Summer can be so hard on your hair—the sun, the chlorine, the salt…all of it! So here are some must-haves for you beach bums, lake-goers, and poolside dwellers from Davines’ SU line. First, we have SU Hair & Body Wash, the perfect after-sun product for your lake house or poolside shower. It hydrates, replenishes, and nourishes both your skin and hair—the dual-use makes getting clean quick and easy. This wash has a  full-bodied foam that moisturizes and gently cleanses. It’s good stuff!

Next up is SU Milk—this one is like sunscreen for your hair, ok? It’s a leave-on softening spray that’s enriched with UV filters to protect color and lock in hydration against sun exposure. It keeps the hair soft, light, and protected and helps with combing and manageability after the shower. Last but not least…when the damage is done and you’re feeling that summer funk in your hair, enter SU Hair Mask. This product helps undo all the yuck in your hair, leaving it as if you never spent all weekend poolside. You know I love a good mask!

Davines The Restless Circle mask

Ok, let me back up and apologize to the Restless Circle first for thinking it was bogus. This mask is AMAZING! Davines says you can put it in your hair, go about life, and not look gross like you have a mask in your hair—I called BS. Well, boy was I wrong! This hair mask has been a godsend for my Iley Rose. As you know Iley (10) has THICK hair that’s down to her bum. And in the summer she swims A LOT! I’ve officially retired from combing her summer hair because our relationship just doesn’t need that kind of drama.

When I’m in charge, I comb her hair, apply conditioner, braid it, and voila: she’s ready for the pool. Iley will tie her hair in some wild braid and swim for a few days before taking it out. I know, AWFUL! But she’s 10 and I’m OVER fighting her on it—she can figure that actions have consequences, ya feel me? Well, this girl has discovered no matter the mess her hair’s become, she can apply this mask and get it brushed out. She does this before bed, doesn’t wash out the mask, and wakes up looking GOOD. How is that possible?? This kid learned how to avoid washing her hair after every swim and keeps it healthy with minimal effort. Bravo Restless Circle, you’ve won me over!

**BTW, if you’d like to try out or talk more about any of these products, hit me up! I ship for free and I LOVE talking hair with you!**

Guilty Pleasures

Chips Ahoy Cake Cups

Have you had a cake in a cup?? Am I late to this game? Chips Ahoy Cake Cups make me happy. They’re ready in an instant and are a perfect treat for the end of the day. I eat one in bed while watching true crime documentaries and it makes me forget the current state of the world. Get ya some, you deserve it!

Tito’s and Tonic

Alright, so we all know vodka tonics are quite delightful in the summer (or anytime, really). However, giiiiirl have you ever looked at the number of carbs in tonic? Talk about being shook! Needless to say, I quickly switched to diet tonic, which not only tastes better but you can drink guilt-free. I’m not currently ordering a vodka tonic from anywhere other than my kitchen, but I’ve always wondered why bars don’t stock diet tonic. You should see the look on a bartender’s face when you ask for diet! Let’s make this a thing—we need diet tonic! If not for us carb-counters, than for the diabetics worldwide that would like to enjoy an occasional low-carb summer cocktail. In fact, I think I could use one right now…

So that wraps up my summer favorites! I’m constantly on the hunt for things that make summer even better. If you’ve come across a fabulous summer product, share it with me in the comments or by tagging me on Instagram. Stay safe, be kind, and enjoy your summer!!



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