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Hi, I’m Katie!

I’m a wife, mom, entrepreneur x2, dance teacher, world traveler, major food lover, caffeine addict, over-thinker, foster parent, and a self-diagnosed hypochondriac.

“The money you earn is only as good as the good you do with it”

: )

The Babes

Iley is 10 and would prefer to not be talked about. She’s smart, kind, quiet, reserved and finds peace in being alone. Ada is 4 and wants to be your best friend. She’s full of love and spirit, she has style like you’ve never seen, and she’s always ready to give a compliment. Don’t let her fool you, this little diabetic is all drama and boy, is she MOODY. They’re drastically different and I couldn’t be prouder of both of them.

“You’ll never feel truly satisfied by work if you aren’t satisfied by life”

-Dolly Parton

“you had a purpose before anyone had an opinion”

My Mike

He’s my husband. He’s a style guru, a coffee expert, and the best father you will ever meet. He’s also my best friend. He loves super hard—the kind of love you read about, Jesus kind of love.

Our Mission

We’re in the business of sharing confidence, beauty and love. We create outfits to make women feel beautiful and be their best self. We create hairstyles to best serve each client’s unique style. We teach tiny ballerinas how to express themselves. We foster to be a place of safety and love. Everything we do, we do with purpose. And that purpose is LOVE.

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