Get Dressed, Feel Better: The Perfect Quarantine Wardrobe

Katie Dunlavy, Lularoe boutique owner, of The Pearl Pages wearing striped LuLaRoe Valentina button-up and LLR denim picking up toys from a hardwood floor and putting them in a basket.

Just going to say it: these are some strange times. Some days even the smallest tasks seem overwhelming. Staying in your PJ’s all day sounds like a good option (and we’ve all done it at some point!). But getting back into a routine is one of the easiest ways to bring back a sense of “normal,” starting with getting yourself dressed.

Getting dressed, whether or not you leave the house, is the key to not only a successful day but a successful mindset. It’s scientifically proven that getting ready increases your productivity, reduces depression, relieves anxiety, and sets your day on a positive path. Now more than ever this step is VITAL so we can be our best selves.

To make it even easier to start your day off right, I’m going to walk you through the PERFECT quarantine wardrobe. There are options you can mix and match that are great for doing allllll the things. Outfits that can work out, lounge, Zoom conference, hike, paint, wrangle children, bounce on a trampoline, or cuddle on the couch. Outfits guaranteed to keep you comfortable, confident, and as active or relaxed as your quarantine requires. I promise that Netflix binge will feel better when you’re rocking one of these looks!

Quarantine Wardrobe Essentials

*Note: I’m featuring specific pieces from LuLaRoe because not only am I a boutique owner, I *actually* wear these clothes and stand by their quality. Of course, you can substitute clothing from any brand in a similar style! If you see something you like, click the link to shop the look. And if you’re looking for a pattern or size you don’t see listed, send me a message and I’ll find it for you. 

Valentina Button-up

Soft, comfy and as professional as you need her to be. This multi-tasking top pairs well with leggings, jeans, slacks, skirts, and joggers. Feeling like an over-achiever? Add a blazer (like the Gwen below). Valentina’s the PERFECT cozy cotton-blend to keep it professional on the top and quarantine-comfy on the bottom. I could LIVE in this shirt!

Xoe Romper

If you’re thinking, “I don’t do rompers”….girl, you can do THIS romper. These are designed so you can choose where you want the waist to hit, making it most flattering for YOUR body type. You can wear it loose for a drop waist, or cinch it up at your natural waist. I know we sometimes avoid rompers since getting practically naked to use the restroom is a pain; however, you’re at HOME, boo! That tiny drawback is NOT worth missing out on this comfy sack of luxury. Throw on a blazer (see why I love Gwen?) for that added WOW factor.

Xoe Romper

Iris Tunic

The Iris tunic is perfect for EVERY OUTFIT. It’s long enough to wear with all of your favorite leggings but still French-tuck-friendly for jeans. The Iris has a relaxed sleeve, a modest yet flattering v-neck and is made of supple materials that will have you swooning! Did I mention Iris is only $32?? It’s kind of crazy.

LuLaRoe Denim & Iris Tunic

LLR Denim

Now, please note that I’m talking about LULAROE DENIM, not just any old pair of jeans. Lularoe denim, which is REAL denim, is AMAZING. Did you know jeans could be soft, comfortable, and stretchy with zero sagging? Seriously. I went 10 days without washing with ZERO sag! I only washed them at 10 days because: ew. LuLaRoe denim also has these amazing tummy-slimming panels in the front, giving EVERY woman confidence. I promise you have not yet met a pair of jeans like these. You CAN wear jeans and still feel sweatpant-comfy. It’s a real thing!

Jax Joggers

Speaking of sweatpants, Mike and I both LOVE Jax joggers. Mike loves the deep pockets that are perfect for his insulin pump, phone, and wallet. Guys need a lot of storage and sweatpants don’t usually provide that (cargo pants are never the right option!!). And I’m a fan of Jax joggers because I can wear them in so many different ways! I love to pair them with a Valentina, my all-time fave quarantine combo. And when I actually leave the house, I dress them up with a heel and blazer for a polished yet COMFY look.

Jax Joggers & Valentina Button-up

Gwen Blazer

A blazer ups the ante of any outfit, but they can feel too restrictive. And ugh, I CANNOT handle being restricted. I always think of the Mitch Hedburg joke about turtlenecks: “Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy all day.” This is how I feel about all restrictive clothing and accessories! Seriously, oftentimes I have to choose: necklace or bra. So obviously adding a blazer would typically be a no from me….but a Gwen blazer? It’s comfy, oversized, polished perfection. I’m in!

So there you have it: 6 simple pieces that make getting dressed a million times easier. It may seem small, but putting on an outfit that’s both comfortable and put together is a big help when it comes to staying positive and productive. If any of these styles caught your eye, you can check out my boutique here. If you need help finding your perfect size, I can help you with that too.

Stay safe, stay positive, and get dressed!



P.S. If you see anything in a print you like, but it isn’t your size, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. If you want more options in your size, reach out! I have a whole network of LuLaRoe family that will share their items with me. We all work together to best serve our customers.

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