Low Cal Starbucks Medicine Ball Dupe

A DIY Starbucks medicine ball tea brewing in a glass carafe next to a bottle of honey, a knife and a sliced lemon on a marble surface.

I got a bad sore throat recently, and like any Millennial (am I seriously a Millennial?), I turned to Instagram for ways to get rid of it. I got a lot of different answers, but one that kept coming up was Starbucks’ Medicine Ball tea. Ok, easy enough, head to Starbucks. Except… 

I live in a small town in Missouri, and we definitely don’t have a Starbucks here. But before you go ahead and start feeling sorry for me, what this small town does have is a good old fashioned, handcrafted coffee shop. To me, that’s a WIN! And when the star barista is your husband? DOUBLE WIN!

So back to the Medicine Ball. It sounded delicious, but the Starbucks version had so much sugar in it. I did some research, took some screenshots, and gave my barista husband the mission of creating a LOW CAL version.

He made it. It’s delicious. I felt better.

Could be a coincidence. Could be the powers of my magic barista. Could be…it really works. Test it out for yourself and ENJOY!

Note: Other Medicine Ball recipes I found called for some FANCY, hard-to-find ingredients. Listen, here in the sticks of Missouri we have…Walmart. So this is the (not only low cal but) ingredients you can actually get, one trip to Walmart, Medicine Ball recipe. Did that just make it better or make you leave?? ARE YOU STILL HERE?? HELLO??

Low Cal Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe

What you’ll need:

  • Mint tea
  • Orange tea
  • Peach or Raspberry tea (I used peach)
  • Honey
  • Fresh squeezed lemon OR steamed low-calorie lemonade (I used lemonade)
The ingredients for making The Pearl Pages' DIY low cal Starbucks-style Medicine Ball Dupe including tea brewing in a clear carafe, honey, boxes of tea and a sliced lemon on a marble counter top.

First, boil some water and add one bag of each tea type. The first time we made it we steeped each tea separately but honestly, it didn’t make much of difference and was WAY more work, so go ahead and toss them all in at once.

Next, steam some lemonade or squeeze some lemons to taste. My preference is 2/3 tea, 1/3 steamed lemonade.

Then, add honey to taste. I went skimpy on the honey since I wanted to keep it low cal and knew I’d want a refill.

Sip, enjoy and repeat!

We may not have a Starbucks in town, but who needs it when you’ve got this DIY, low-cal, no-fancy-ingredients Medicine Ball tea recipe. Let me know what you think in the comments, and tell me if you want to see more recipes and dupes here on the blog!



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