Anxiety: My Story

So. I wasn’t planning on getting heavy this early on in my blogging journey, but this is a topic that’s really important to me. I’ve suffered from anxiety my entire life. I didn’t know what it was until I was 24. As a child, they diagnosed me with allergies, as a teenager–IBS. It wasn’t until the night I had my first full-blown panic attack that I started connecting all of the pieces.

Honestly, terrible as that experience was, It was FREEING! Everything I’d been feeling my whole life started to make sense. The more I learned about anxiety the better I felt. Why? Because it meant that I could finally DO SOMETHING about it! So here I am, telling my anxiety story. If I can make just ONE person feel less alone, getting this vulnerable will be worth it.

**Before we go any further…I’m not a doctor. I’m not a mental health professional. This blog post is not medical advice, it’s purely my experience and my wish to help connect with others who’ve struggled with anxiety the way I have. If you need it, please talk to a qualified physician or healthcare provider about medical treatment.**

Living with anxiety

As a child, my anxiety just felt like nerves and nausea. I was constantly feeling “chokey.” It usually happened when my mom would leave town, I had to go to school, a new babysitter came over…you get the idea. As a teenager, I would get full-on SICK. I missed so much school. School was never my thing, to begin with. I mean, can you think of a more anxiety-inducing environment than high school?! The people, the judgement, the expectations, the emotions…every single thing about high school still sounds like a nightmare. 

Then I met my husband-to-be. When we first got married, I found a new type of stress. Marrying a diabetic was more than I bargained for. It wasn’t just the day-to-day tasks of managing a chronic illness: let’s talk about medical expenses. He’s expensive! Not to mention I had to learn what seemed like a whole new language of prescription names and medical terms. I felt so much pressure to stay on top of everything! His life literally depended on it.

On top of being newly married, we moved out of my parents’ house while raising a toddler. Forget a honeymoon phase, these were some of my darkest days. One night while on my period, I took some cold medicine, washed it down with a Diet Coke and went to bed. Bad idea. I woke up TERRIFIED! My heart was racing, I was singing nursery rhymes, I felt like I was losing my mind and couldn’t catch reality.

I now know to stay hydrated, especially when on my period. Caffeine is a trigger for me. And to this day–almost 10 years later–I haven’t touched cold medicine. The panic didn’t end that night in the ER, though. This episode opened up the floodgates.

I continued to panic almost every night for an entire year. I would throw up, I would hit my husband, I couldn’t gain control. ANYTHING could send me over the edge. During this time, I opened my salon. My attacks were starting to affect my work. I would tell my clients: “If I freak out, please act like nothing’s happening. If you look at me weirdly, it’ll get worse.” I never did have a full-on panic attack in front of a client, but I did go lay in the hall or hide in the bathroom a time or two. I even quietly cried through a few highlight appointments. I knew I couldn’t go on this way.

FINALLY. I talked to my doctor about how I was feeling. Luckily, the first medication we tried worked. I’m still on it. It isn’t a daily medication, but “as needed.” Some days I need it more than others. Now that I can control the attacks, I can focus on managing my day-to-day anxiety.

What does Anxiety feel like?

  • Like you have a million things to do but you can’t focus on a single task
  • Paralyzing, both mentally and physically
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Tense muscles. There are times when my anxiety is so bad my fingers hurt
  • Extreme worrying
  • Restlessness

This list could really go on and on. And while most people experience similar symptoms, anxiety feels different for everyone. Everyone has different triggers and experiences. But in talking openly with others, I find that we often share many symptoms.

Sometimes my anxiety feels like a wave. I can feel it coming and I have two choices: fight it or hop on for the ride. Sometimes it’s better to hop on and ride it out, letting that freak flag fly and getting it all out. Other times, I fight it–and this fight can last for days. It’s exhausting. I become mean to the people I love. My work suffers. I’ll stop showering or at least shaving and washing my hair. I don’t eat much. I don’t sleep. I’m a real beauty queen. I start to wonder if my mind belongs to me. If I will lose my mind. I legitimately fear that I’ll end up in a home and I just pray my family visits. Then I crash. Drink a ton of water. I come out of it.

So let’s talk about coping mechanisms: the anxiety fighters that help get me through. Here’s what I’ve found works for me…

Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety

  • Drinking water (so important to stay hydrated)
  • Chewing gum or having a mint (helps shift my focus somewhere else)
  • Watching familiar movies (I have certain favorites lol, Baby Mama is a go-to)
  • Standing barefoot on the earth (grounding brings me out of my head and back to my body)
  • Sunshine (always a mood booster)
  • Warm bath (feels like a warm hug)
  • Making a list (helps me see that what I’m worried about is more manageable than I thought)

Everyone experiences anxiety. Yours might not feel the same as mine, but it’s something all people share. I’d love to hear about how you’ve dealt with anxiety in your life. What does it feel like to you? What coping mechanisms do you use? As always, this is a SAFE, JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE. Let’s share our stories.



My Favorite Self Tanner

Being an (almost) natural redhead I’ve fought my paleness for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried EVERYTHING but never stuck with anything. I know I love something if I buy it a few times, and I’ve been using Skinny Tan for almost 3 years now!

I can say with confidence this is the longest I have ever used any one tanning line. I’ve tried almost every single product Skinny Tan makes but my all-time favorite is the Gradual Tanning Mousse.

**BTW: This is totally NOT SPONSORED (But it could becall me Skinny Tan! 😉). I just actually use it and like it.

Why I love Skinny Tan’s Gradual Tanning Mousse:

  • It’s easy to apply: exact precision is NOT necessary. I barely think when I’m putting it on.
  • Your wrist and ankles don’t look gross.
  • You get a satisfying color with just ONE application but you can totally layer it for more.
  • It smells nice and isn’t overpowering.
  • It doesn’t transfer all over your bed.
  • If you wake up late and can’t shower it off, that’s ok too! I mean, I wouldn’t wear white and go for a run—but generally, you’d be fine.
  • It lasts almost a full week.
  • It doesn’t come off in patches making you look mangy or dirty (the WORST).

Needless to say, I love it. It’s the perfect mix of easy to use and natural color. Keep in mind that shipping time can be a bit slow, so don’t wait until you’ve got a tanning emergency. Also, skip Amazon—Skinny Tan’s website has GREAT deals!

Have you tried Skinny Tan yet? What’s your favorite self-tanning product? Tell me your faves in the comments.



My First Week as a Foster Mom

What a week! I have so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind. The flu has hit our house for the second time this month. Ada’s “honeymoon” phase of diabetes ended suddenly. And WE HAVE A FOSTER BABY!

Let me start by saying this 8-month-old little boy is absolute perfection. He is a joy to be around and we are SO happy that we get to love him.

This is something I wrote the week before his placement with us. I didn’t know what else to do at the time. As I’m reading it now with this baby sleeping on my chest, I can’t help but sob happy tears. I’m so glad I have this to look back on.

The worst part of any journey is feeling lost and helpless. In foster care, this is often the norm.

Knowing that I am completely HELPLESS. Knowing that I have zero control.

The only thing I can do is love. I can just sit here and love him.

Currently, my heart is so broken for a little boy. My arms are literally aching to hold him. I want to love him and comfort him. I want to keep him warm. I want to feed him. I want to bathe him. I want to sing to him and let him know that he is loved.

And knowing that I CAN’T is earthshattering. All I can do is pray. I can sit here and love him while he is there. I can sit here and send love and prayer. My hands are completely tied and my heart is completely broken. My mind is consumed.

I am helpless.

On my knees praying this boy feels safe tonight. Praying that even if I only ever love him from afar that he will somehow feel it. He HAS to be able to feel it.

And now he’s here!

My first week as a foster mom has been a rollercoaster. When I first got the call, I’ll admit I panicked.

“What have I done? My family is sacred. My family is home. I just changed my family. I CHANGED MY FAMILY!!! I can’t help but feel a sense of fear and anxiety over this fact. My family went from 4-5 in a phone call. What if I miss moments with the girls? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” This is what I sent to my friend Elle (you may remember her as my foster role model from the “Why Foster?” post).

This was her response:

“First, recognize that this a big deal. You are raising someone else’s child. Going into this with ease would be more concerning.

Second, I believe that no one is “ours.” Iley and Ada, they’re God’s and he has entrusted you with them. And now, he has entrusted you with this baby. His creations, his most precious treasure, he is handing to you. What an honor.

Third, you are making moments with Iley and Ada. You are such an intentional mom that you aren’t just doing life but you are shaping their life. You’re showing them the most important things about life and giving them a closer glimpse at God’s radical love. What a gift! And not just that. You’re not just showing them with your “yes,” you are giving them the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus as babes. What world changers they are!”

-Elle Flowers

I wish everyone had an Elle. Sometimes we just need a reminder of what we know is true. I know this. This is why we said, “YES.” We said, “YES” to foster care when everyone around told us to say no and questioned our choice. This is why we have said “yes” to this baby for longer than you know. Trust that God has perfect timing. When we aren’t in the messy middle of this journey, I hope to tell you the full story.

This is all so new that I’m still not sure what to call him. I’m not sure how to talk about him. We live in a small town, so people notice and are confused when they see us together. I don’t want to refer to him as just a “foster child.” It feels like a label. It feels disrespectful to his family to call him ours and disrespectful to him if I say he’s not. I’m sure in time we’ll work all of this out.

People keep saying, “oh, I hope you get to keep him!” This makes me feel weird. It’s never a good day when a child loses their mother. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. And while I LOVE loving this baby, I don’t “hope” I get to keep him.

Who knew I would instantly feel so defensive about his mother and his family? People make a lot of assumptions. Not all children who come into foster care come from an awful family. My baby (is that what I say?) comes from a wonderful family. Let’s be real for a second: being a parent is HARD. No one is perfect. Things happen. His family is now MY family. We are all FAMILY.

It does feel strange adding a member to the family without a welcome wagon, though. No shower, no party, no one bringing over dinner. There aren’t people dying to come over to get a peek and hold him. I had no idea that I would feel this way. When I told my husband he said, “This sounds like your dream. You HATE the pressure of the welcome wagon. You’ve always said, ‘Next time I have a baby I’m not telling anyone for a week.’ This is what you’ve always wanted!” Which is very true, but I’d still like a dang casserole. If you know a foster momma, take her a dinner. Even if that child is there a week, she needs a casserole.

Having a baby and not breastfeeding is also strange. I almost feel like I don’t know what to do! Like I’m in a battle without my secret weapon. Thor without his hammer. But having a baby that doesn’t make your boobs leak when they cry is a real bonus. Caring for an infant and having your clothes fit? Also a bonus. And having a baby that sleeps through the night?! Can I get an AMEN!

So as you can see, it’s all very new. I’m happy. I’m confused. I’m adjusting to our new life.

Fostering is very overwhelming. Very uncomfortable. Very emotional. And very, very worth it.

Fellow foster families: what was your first foster placement like? Any tips or words of wisdom for our growing family?

And to everyone, my community of friends, family, readers, and strangers on the internet: thank you for sharing your love, prayers, and support. We feel it and we need it. You know I’ll keep you up to date on everything that’s going on in our little world!



Intolerance For Hate From a Reformed Mean Girl.

Can you root for your team without rooting against the other? The answer is YES.

Hate is like a bad habit, you can choose to quit.

When I was younger, I was a mean girl. I wish I had a good reason, if there even is such a thing as a good reason, to be mean. I don’t know if I was insecure, oblivious, shallow, or maybe all of the above. I made fun of people for anything and everything. I was selfish and never considered the other person’s perspective. Looking back, it was an awful way to live. And to be honest, I’m embarrassed.

Now I’m not telling you this to self-shame or ask for forgiveness, although I’ve done my fair share of seeking forgiveness. I’m telling you this so maybe you’ll believe people can change. I’m also telling you this in case you find yourself being a mean girl. You can change, too.

How did I become a better version of myself? A me I can be proud of? A me that is so much more productive? Well first, it started with my husband, He’s saint-like. He finds zero humor in making fun of other people. He won’t even let me make fun of myself. So becoming conscious of the words I say eventually lead to me becoming conscious of my thoughts. You wouldn’t believe how much brain space you open up once you release all energy associated with hate and negativity!

Being aware of my words and my thoughts lead to me becoming super aware of others’ words. So much of what people say stems from a place of negativity. And negativity spreads like the dang plague!

To ensure my children don’t follow in my same footsteps, I’m incredibly conscious of not only the things we say in our house but the things they are exposed to. It doesn’t matter where we are: if the conversation turns to a topic of hate, we leave. We have a no-hate tolerance in this house. 

We don’t hate politicians, we don’t hate sports teams, we don’t hate religions, we don’t hate people, we don’t hate ideas, we don’t hate, PERIOD. I’m all about everyone having their own opinions and points of view. I LOVE hearing about those different perspectives! What I don’t love is when someone cannot express their views or feelings without adding in hate. If you want to sit and talk to me about how much you love Melania Trump, I’ll listen to you all day. But if you can’t express those views without hating on Michelle Obama, I’m not listening.

Be conscious of who you’re around. Be conscious of what you listen to. Listen to your own words and your thoughts. Decide the kind of person you want to be and make the changes to become that person. I was a hater for like, 25 years. Then I thought about the people in my life that made me feel good and the people that made me feel poorly. Reality check! I decided I was going to be one of those people that always lifts others up. Makes them feel positive, loved and heard. If I can do it, so can you! You CAN change and become who you really want to be.

“I decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Over on our Facebook community (have you joined yet?! It’s really fun over there!), we hosted a “Kindeness Challenge.” It made my heart so full to hear about everyone’s acts of kindness for others. No matter how small it seems to us, those little acts of love can make a huge difference for someone else!

Let’s keep it going. Leave me a comment with an act of kindness you did or a story of how someone else did the same for you.



Why Foster?

“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t ever waste it.”


Yes, we’re licensed foster parents. We’re waiting for our first placement. One question EVERYONE asks us is: “Why would you choose foster care?”

There’s one very simple answer: there is a need. We live in a world where we assume people are good. Unfortunately, the truth is there’s a whole lot of bad in this world. We’re good people, and if we can share that good with others, we want to. But to answer the question as to how we were lead to this path…

First, let’s back up. As I’ve previously mentioned, Mike loves like nobody else. The only way I can explain it is to call it Jesus-love. When he became a father I knew with every inch of my soul this man was MADE to love. I know it sounds cliche, but I’m telling you: if everyone could experience some Mike love for themselves, the world would be a better place. This man is capable of loving so deeply, so purely, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of that love than a child.

And as it turns out, the moment I saw our first daughter Iley I wanted nothing more than to mother alllllll the children (a thought that could not have been further from my mind prior to having her). So now we needed to have a bunch of kids. When Iley turned 2, we started trying for a second. When she turned 6, Ada Pearl arrived. During the many years we were trying to get pregnant we had several adoption discussions. We did adoption research and decided we would adopt. When I got pregnant with Ada, we decided we’d still adopt someday.

Now, I don’t want to sound shallow, but: I hate being pregnant. As we headed into our ultrasound appointment for Ada at 15 weeks, I said to Mike: “Boy, girl…I don’t care. This IS IT! I’M DONE BEING PREGNANT!” Of course, he kindly agreed. The day I had Ada, I may have said, “ok fine, ONE more time!”…but let’s back up.

When I’m pregnant I get big. I get REAL big. I gained 60lbs with my first pregnancy and 70lbs with my second. I was young when I got pregnant with Iley. I was hopeful that at the ripe old age of 28, being in the best shape of my life, I could have some control. I was determined to be the skinny pregnant girl everyone hates. This literally lasted 0 weeks. I was showing before I missed my period: TRUE STORY. Losing baby weight at 28 is much different from losing baby weight at 22. My “one more!” quickly went back to “NO more!”

So once I said “no more” pregnancies (for real), we knew adoption would be the next route we took. If you’re not familiar with how adoption works, there’s a LOT of options. We talked about international adoption, we talked about private adoption. We briefly discussed foster care but it wasn’t at the top of our list. We couldn’t decide. We couldn’t commit. We decided to just wait and see what God had in store for our family. During this process, a few semi-possible adoption situations occurred. Now we had to ask ourselves real questions instead of hypothetical ones.

Does this baby have any medical conditions?

Is this baby a girl or boy?

What do the parents look like?

What are the parents’ medical histories?

Do the parents have a drug history?

How tall is the dad?

Are they white? Black? Asian? REDHEADED?! (please say YES)

What if they decide they want the baby back?

What if we lose this baby?

We soon discovered these things didn’t matter. After every question we asked each other, would we still give this baby a home? The answer was always yes.

And these are just a few of the thousands of questions we asked ourselves. We went over every possible scenario. We asked ourselves questions I don’t know you well enough to admit. EVERY single time our answer was YES. Even if the birth parents changed their mind. Even if we lost the child. When it comes to providing a loving home, our answer was always YES. We learned that we were much more capable and flexible than we thought.

It helps that we had a foster role model. I taught dance with a beautiful girl named Elle, who now lives in Colorado. She grew up with foster siblings. She’s now a foster parent. She even works for a nonprofit advocating for foster care! I watched her grow from college student to wife to foster mom. I know meeting Elle was no coincidence. It all makes sense, why everything’s happened the way it did. We are MEANT to be foster parents.

Now, that’s easy for me to say because I haven’t done it yet. But I will tell you this: if a child was in need of a safe place to stay, we would offer that in a heartbeat. So why not put ourselves on an official list for a child in need? Because I’ll get attached and we’ll all get hurt? Listen, I’ve gotten attached and been hurt before and life went on. I pray I get attached. I pray that I love this child or children as deeply as I love my own. I pray they can go back to their parents and remain safe. It isn’t about me!

“Your fear of getting “too attached” probably means you’d be a great foster parent.”

-Jason Johnson

And what about my children? Obviously we would never accept a placement that would bring them harm. But I can’t think of anything greater for them than growing up with foster siblings. They’ll learn to love, accept, and provide. They’ll learn to set aside their own comforts for the sake of another. 

Are we still hoping to adopt in the future? Maybe. Maybe not. We’re just here. Trusting that what’s meant to be will be. Waiting to see where the journey takes us.



P.S. Have questions about becoming a licensed foster parent? Or have a foster and/or adoption story to share? Leave it in the comments—I’d love to connect with more foster families!

Low Cal Starbucks Medicine Ball Dupe

I got a bad sore throat recently, and like any Millennial (am I seriously a Millennial?), I turned to Instagram for ways to get rid of it. I got a lot of different answers, but one that kept coming up was Starbucks’ Medicine Ball tea. Ok, easy enough, head to Starbucks. Except… 

I live in a small town in Missouri, and we definitely don’t have a Starbucks here. But before you go ahead and start feeling sorry for me, what this small town does have is a good old fashioned, handcrafted coffee shop. To me, that’s a WIN! And when the star barista is your husband? DOUBLE WIN!

So back to the Medicine Ball. It sounded delicious, but the Starbucks version had so much sugar in it. I did some research, took some screenshots, and gave my barista husband the mission of creating a LOW CAL version.

He made it. It’s delicious. I felt better.

Could be a coincidence. Could be the powers of my magic barista. Could be…it really works. Test it out for yourself and ENJOY!

Note: Other Medicine Ball recipes I found called for some FANCY, hard-to-find ingredients. Listen, here in the sticks of Missouri we have…Walmart. So this is the (not only low cal but) ingredients you can actually get, one trip to Walmart, Medicine Ball recipe. Did that just make it better or make you leave?? ARE YOU STILL HERE?? HELLO??

Low Cal Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe

What you’ll need:

  • Mint tea
  • Orange tea
  • Peach or Raspberry tea (I used peach)
  • Honey
  • Fresh squeezed lemon OR steamed low-calorie lemonade (I used lemonade)
The ingredients for making The Pearl Pages' DIY low cal Starbucks-style Medicine Ball Dupe including tea brewing in a clear carafe, honey, boxes of tea and a sliced lemon on a marble counter top.

First, boil some water and add one bag of each tea type. The first time we made it we steeped each tea separately but honestly, it didn’t make much of difference and was WAY more work, so go ahead and toss them all in at once.

Next, steam some lemonade or squeeze some lemons to taste. My preference is 2/3 tea, 1/3 steamed lemonade.

Then, add honey to taste. I went skimpy on the honey since I wanted to keep it low cal and knew I’d want a refill.

Sip, enjoy and repeat!

We may not have a Starbucks in town, but who needs it when you’ve got this DIY, low-cal, no-fancy-ingredients Medicine Ball tea recipe. Let me know what you think in the comments, and tell me if you want to see more recipes and dupes here on the blog!



Why it’s taken me 10 years to start a blog.

“You cannot let fear and indecision sink your creativity”

-Richie Norton

The first time I was told I should start a blog was over 10 years ago. I had just had my first daughter and, quite frankly, I didn’t know what a blog was. Since then I’ve obviously discovered what a blog is, but the thought has still seemed intimidating.

What if no one reads it? Or maybe worse, what if someone does? What if no one can understand me because I’m not some professional writer? What if I have nothing to say? What if someone proves me wrong? Or I become a laughable point of conversation? Or the scariest of all, what if someone leaves a mean comment?

I have finally decided: I DON’T CARE. Why should I let the fear of what someone (who I may or may not know) thinks about me stop me from sharing? I SHOULDN’T.

So join me here on this blogging journey. On The Pearl Pages, I plan to share blog posts about what I know best: hair, style, entrepreneurship, marriage, anxiety, mom-ing and feelings–I have a lot of feelings.

So WELCOME! I’m glad you’re here. If you haven’t read it yet, get to know me in this post: ‘Hi, I’m Katie!’ Follow along with the latest posts by joining the Pearl List and join our Facebook community here. Do you have a blog? Or have questions about blogging? Leave me a comment, let’s chat!



Hi, I’m Katie!

Have you ever started reading someone’s blog and suddenly you have a million questions? And you don’t want to read through, like, 5 years of content to find the answers? Well, this post is going to solve that problem. Here are the answers to some quick questions you probably have about me, why I started The Pearl Pages, and what I hope we achieve together in this blog community!

I find comfort in knowing I’m not alone.

And I bet you do, too. I feel SO many feelings (some of which I’m pretty sure I should be taking medication for). When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’ll do a quick Google search. Finding a blog or article from someone who shares the same thought, situation, or feeling is enough to put my mind at ease. It’s when I can’t find that shared experience that I begin to panic.

Then I thought, ‘What if someone else is out there doing the same thing, trying to find someone to connect with?’ Well, maybe I can help that person feel a little less alone with this blog. I intend to get pretty vulnerable here, but you should know that also scares the HELL out of me. If you’re just here to troll and be a hater, get a hobby and go away! This is a place to get real and feel supported. 

Here’s more about me and my family.

Katie Dunlavy, Lularoe boutique owner, of The Pearl Pages and her husband Mike sitting on the floor with their two children standing next to them in a kitchen.

I’m a mother of two girls. I own a salon. I own a clothing boutique. I teach dance to tiny ballerinas. I’m married to a handsome fellow named Mike. And we’re currently waiting for our first foster placement. My husband is a type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at 8 years old. This is our biggest marriage struggle and something I haven’t been able to find much about in the world of Google. So I’ll most likely discuss as much about this as I can without getting divorced (lol).

My 4-year-old was also recently diagnosed. Yes, you read that right: I have TWO type 1 diabetics in my family. If you’re familiar with the diabetes scene, you can imagine the endless blogging I could do on that topic alone. But that’s just one part of our life and I’ve got so much more to share with you. Blogging should be FUN! Well, it’s me, so it’ll also be EMOTIONAL. Let’s make it FUN-MOTIONAL–believe me, I have enough feelings and emotions for all of us!

My husband is a total dreamboat.

Mike and Katie Dunlavy, Lularoe boutique owner, of The Pearl Pages sitting together on a couch next to colorful pillows.

He’s kind and patient. He’s supportive and loving. He’s crazy talented at all things. And he’s the BEST father on the planet. We met while we were in college. I obviously knew of him before he knew of me because, as I said, dreamboat. He was a baseball player and I was the Sports Editor of the college paper (yes, I have a journalism degree). The story of Mike and Katie, a love story of hope, is a whole post in itself so I’ll save that for a later date. Back to Mike: he’s obsessed with his family, fashion, coffee, travel, midcentury architecture, baseball (not that he gets to watch it as often as he’d like) and photography. He’s an amateur photographer but absolutely amazing in my book. Most of the pictures you’ll see on The Pearl Pages are Mike’s!

We are a perfect team.

And we’re always together. We run our businesses together. We sell clothes together, we cut hair together, we raise our family together, and together we are so much more than we are apart. And although we’re SO DIFFERENT (he has 3 feelings, I have 3 million), we’re exactly the same in our life missions:

  • We take care of our girls and our family, no matter the sacrifice.
  • We want to make you look and feel YOUR very best.
  • We want to be Day Makers. Every. Single. Day.

So that’s us in a nutshell. I’m so happy you’ve found your way here, and I hope that this blog community serves you in some way. That’s right, this is a community for ALL of us…so let’s get to know each other in the comments! Tell me all about you and your family, what you like to do and what you’d like to see here on The Pearl Pages.



P.S. I post every week! Want to know what we’re talking about next time? Join the Pearl List to send the convo straight to your inbox.