Boujee on a Budget

Anyone else love a good deal? I mean, don’t get me wrong, some things are definitely worth the SPLURGE, but when you CAN find the look for less, why not? I know that I got a little thrill every time I found a dupe for this post. A surge of adrenaline for every find…what has my life come to? COVID times—we have to find pleasure in the simple things these days, lol. So here we go: a list of adorable must-have clothes, sunglasses, bags, and more at a fraction of the cost!


Left: Carbon 38 leopard leggings, $99 | Right: FITTIN (Amazon) leopard leggings, $21.99
Left: Scotch and Soda skirt, $198 | Right: LuLaRoe Jill skirt, $42
Left: ALLSAINTS moto jacket, $159.20 | Right: LuLaRoe Presley jacket, $75
Left: Rag & Bone knit poncho, $495 | Right: LuLaRoe Mimi knit, $55

As with ANYTHING LuLaRoe, hit me up girl! If you see me wearing it, see it on Instagram, Pinterest, anywhere, just send me a picture and I will do my best to find it for you. Any outfit, any item—I am here for you!



Top left: Madewell mini backpack, $158 | LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s) mini backpack, $38.64 | Madewell crossbody bag, $98 | LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s) crossbody bag, $27.44
Top: Gucci mini bag, $9,900 | LA’FESTIN (Amazon) mini bag, $72.89

You know I had to slip some Gucci in here! I was looking for my ‘dupe’ bag that Mike got for me as a joke and I ended up LOVING, but unfortunately it’s out of stock. I saw this green mini bag and died, I need it! Here’s the story: my Gucci purse lost a pearl while we were moving into our house. I called Saks and they said they’d give me a full refund. I was sitting there staring at a bill for our countertops that was the EXACT same amount as that bag, so…I did the responsible thing and said goodbye to my Gucci and paid for the countertops. Mike, being a gem, bought me a fake to make up for it—but you guys, I LOVE IT! Boujee on a budget, lol.


Top: LEDODI alphabet diamond earrings, $395 | Bottom: PAVOI (Amazon) alphabet earrings, $12.95
Top: Anthropologie ‘huggie’ hoop earrings, $38 | wowshow (Amazon) ‘huggie’ hoop earrings, $12.89


Top: Golden Goose sneaker, $495 | Bottom: Steve Madden sneaker, $91.95
Top: Steve Madden leopard loafer, $91.95 | Bottom: Walmart leopard loafer, $9


Top: PB Teen acrylic desk chair, $349 | Bottom: Walmart acrylic office chair, $79.97
Top: PB Teen comforter, $129 | Bottom: Walmart comforter set, $52.99

So this was a little different, what’d you think? Did you like this kind of blog? Are you more boujee or budget? I’d say I’m a little bit of both. 😉 Like I said, if any of the clothes catch your eye, send me a message! And tag me in your boujee dupes with #thePearlPages.



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