Fashionable Gift Ideas For the Virtual Pre-Teen

Hello! How are you? I hope you’re having a great day. We’ve been going full steam ahead over here with virtual school for our 10-year-old Iley, taking one day at a time and trying to make the most of it. Iley is absolutely LOVING virtual school. She thrives on anything with rules—and virtual school has A LOT of rules, lol. Iley’s all about the added responsibility and enjoys getting all of her tasks done with time to spare.

I know that even though she’s doing well, this adjustment has still been hard on her. I’ve been trying to add excitement where I can. The girls’ birthdays are also coming up and I’ve been thinking a lot about what to get this year. Seeing that Iley’s a virtual student, a virtual dancer, and doesn’t leave the house a whole bunch, I thought long and hard to come up with this list of gift ideas for virtual pre-teens. Whether you’re virtual learning this year or not, check out these fun, fashionable, Iley-approved outfits and accessories.


When your classmates only see you from the shoulders up, you need to decorate where you can!


Dangle clip-on earrings

Earrings were my very first thought. Iley is super allergic to metals so she doesn’t have her ears pierced anymore. We will play around with clip-ons though! I found these dangles on Amazon—there are a ton to choose from. The quality is less than exciting BUT she was super stoked anyway. I mean, she’s 11—I’m sure the donut earrings will last as long as she likes them, ya know??


Headbands are so in right now and Iley wears one every day anyway. Here are the headbands we love and swear by! So to jazz it up and make it exciting we got her these fancy headbands. So far, they are comfortable and super cute! The knot isn’t big and obnoxious. I can’t speak on durability or long-term wear, but first impression? They get a big thumbs up.


Fun scrunchies

We buy velvet scrunchies in bulk from Amazon ALL THE TIME! But I felt like she needed some variety. We ordered these fancy scrunchies and I will say we did NOT get the ones pictured, but they’re cute nonetheless.


We’ve gone through several pairs of headphones since school started. Ear pods hurt Iley’s ears for the amount of time she needed to wear them so we looked for other options. She borrowed some from my gamer brother and finally landed on these over-the-ear gaming headphones. They do have a wire though, so we also picked up this wireless pair. We literally JUST got them, so far so good with both headphones—I’ll keep you updated if there’s a clear winner!


For back to school, we stocked up on cute matching lounge sets. Most of them came from Shein. We got everything on clearance and got 17 sets for under $200! I was pretty stoked about this and even more stoked when everything fit and was of decent quality. I did NOT have as much luck in the women’s or home sections but for kids, it’s a yes!! Also, a lot of the outfits on this site will make you raise an eyebrow…just keep scrolling.


What’s more exciting than back-to-school shoes? Well, a lot of things when you don’t leave your home, lol. So how about some fun house shoes instead?? Here are some fun and exciting virtual school shoes:

I hope this list has given you some ideas for the virtual girls in your life (or you, I mean some of this stuff is pretty cute 😉 ). Stay safe, be kind to one another and we’ll chat soon!



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