Try This Easy, Heatless, Everyday Updo (No Braiding!)

How are you? No really, how ARE you? I hope you’re having a fantastic day. You know what makes me feel better sometimes? A good hair day. So I’m passing on a good hair day to you with this blog. You guys have been loving the hair tutorials and asking for more—here’s how to do an easy, heatless, everyday updo.

This easy hairstyle is perfect for looking put together fast. You know, like when you forgot about that important Zoom meeting or you said yes to last-minute plans and there’s no time to wash your hair. Maybe you’re looking for a heatless updo to protect your hair. Or you’ve got an event and can’t get to the salon—I got you.

And I KNOW braiding stresses some of you out so guess what?? No super braiding abilities needed. The best part? You don’t need ANY fancy tools or expensive products for this hairstyle and it works great with dirty hair, clean hair, short hair, long hair…any hair. So watch the video, read the post, and give it a try for yourself!

What you’ll need:

Here’s how to do it:

To start, brush your hair and get all of the tangles out.

Find your part.

Take a big section of hair from the front and divide it into two sections. I like to take fat sections for a chunky twist.

Twist both sections separately, but both twisting TOWARDS your face.

Then, cross the front section AWAY from your face and over the back piece.

Add hair to the new back piece and twist the whole thing towards your face.

Add hair to the new front piece and twist the whole thing towards your face.

Cross the front section away from your face and over the back piece.


When you get down to your hairline, secure your hair with a tie. Make a traditional “gym bun” bun, like a half-pulled-through ponytail. Wrap the ends around the hair tie and tuck in, just like my messy bun tutorial.

To finish, pull on your twists a little—don’t be shy, get in there and mess ‘em up! Using your bobby pins, secure any loose hairs, get it into the shape you want, and hide your hair tie. Give yourself a quick spritz of hair spray and you’re good to go!

So how easy is that? Under 10 minutes to a super cute updo that’s sure to snazz up any dirty hair day. 😉 Got questions? Leave them in the comments or DM me on Instagram. Try it out? Tag me with #thePearlPages. Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe & be kind.



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