Troubleshooting The Messy Bun

Hello dear friends! First, let me say thank you for all the kind words and sweet messages regarding last week’s post. You are amazing and we so appreciate all the love you show us.

Now onto this messy bun business…

Some of you reached out to me saying, “I watched the video, I read the blog…HELP! I just can’t messy bun!” So I listened to your issues and broke the messy bun down a bit further. If you missed the original post, you can check it out here but it’s not necessary—this post has you covered. Go ahead and watch this video first and then read along below.

Watch this first! I’m breaking down the most common issues you’re having with your messy buns.

Ok! So number one: VELVET SCRUNCHIES! I know you don’t think they matter…but they matter. The texture gives you extra hold and keeps that bun in place. These are the ones I use: 20 Assorted Color Velvet Scrunchies.

Now, when you go to put your hair up, wrap it twice with that scrunchie. Three times gives the bun a floppy feel.

Next, those corners, just tuck ‘em. Tuck and pull and tuck and pull until you’re satisfied with how it looks.

Mess up that wrap!!! Fluff it, tease it, shake it up, add texture spray (This Is A Dry Texturizer by Davines is my fave), whatever your jam is. Wrap and tuck!

Then if you’re not feeling cute yet, pull it up higher! Higher on top of your head, not higher like closer to Jesus—we don’t need our buns getting TOO BIG. A lot of times it comes down to just getting your bun to the right, most flattering spot on your head. 

For added cuteness, I pull some of the hair on the back of my head down to sag, pull a few face-framing hairs out. and then spray down my baby hairs. Remember those “my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes” baby hairs I was telling you about? They’re growing, but they fluff up in front and make me look like I’m straight out of the ‘80s—and not the good ‘80s. Was there a good ‘80s?? You get my drift.

Anyway, I hope this helps! I hope you’re having a fantastic week. As always, if you have messy bun questions (or any questions, really) leave me a comment or send me a message. When you try the bun, tag me using hashtag #thepearlpages—I love to see your looks! Stay safe and be kind to one another.



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