Do Better: Resources for Doing “The Next Right Thing”

I can’t tell you how many times I started and restarted writing this week’s blog. This is not the time to talk about frizz-free curls or how to make coffee. Not when our country is hurting and people are dying. But I am also so completely ignorant about issues of race and privilege that I have zero words to say. I am fearful of speaking out because I don’t want my words to come across in ANY way other than loving and supportive. Maybe you feel the same way, too.

But here’s the truth: I am a privileged white woman. I grew up in a white world where white supremacy influenced me without my permission. I am acknowledging this TRUTH, even though it’s uncomfortable. Because it’s uncomfortable. And I’m vowing to do better, starting with education.

If you’ve seen Frozen 2, you’ll remember how they talk about doing “the next right thing.” Maybe we haven’t always done the right thing, but what better time to start than right now? I’m asking you to join me. Here are some resources I’m digging into and I hope we can talk about. I know that we will never fully understand but we can try.




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I’ve found some of these resources from this page: Anti-racism resources for white people. It’s got A LOT of links so if you’re looking for more, check it out. We may not know exactly what to do or say, but we do know the first step is education. I hope these resources get you thinking. I hope they get you talking and teaching your family and friends, too. And if you need someone to listen, I’m here.



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