Easy Messy Bun How-to for all Hair Types (With Video!)

Katie Dunlavy of the Pearl Pages sitting in a black salon chair with her hair in a messy bun wearing glasses and Lularoe denim.

I get asked two questions all the time: how do you get your hair so long and how do you do your bun? It makes me laugh every time, but I get it. A good bun is so versatile and a huge timesaver. I’ve been wearing my messy bun the same way since college. I remember all the cheerleaders lining up before games so I could do their buns. I didn’t think I was doing anything revolutionary. I was just trying to make a bun that required zero bobby pins, minimized breakage, and took less than a minute.

I made a video of me doing my messy bun in my Facebook group and it was a big hit. My group really enjoyed it and so many people shared pictures of their buns with me. I took all of their questions and made it into a new and improved messy bun how-to.

It’s SO SIMPLE. I’ll walk you through it in this video.

I really believe the velvet scrunchie is a key part of the equation. These are the exact velvet scrunchies I use—you can’t beat the price! These scrunchies are superior to a basic elastic because they’re softer and don’t put harsh pressure on your hair. That can lead to breakage. The added texture gives you a better hold without creating halos or those ugly bends in your hair. Plus they look cute, both in your hair and hanging out around your wrist.

My hair goes from up in a bun to down about 10 times a day. This bun creates a natural tousled wave in my hair that’s prettier than my natural waves.

Even if you have short or thin hair you can adapt this bun to fit your style. I’ve done space buns and top knots on Ada with this very bun. You might just have to add a few bobby pins for any short pieces.

Show me your buns!!! Tag me using hashtag #thepearlpages. My most favorite part of blogging is getting your feedback.



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