My Favorite Self Tanner

Flat lay photograph of Skinny Tan The Gradual Tanning Mousse and packaging on a wooden surface

Being an (almost) natural redhead I’ve fought my paleness for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried EVERYTHING but never stuck with anything. I know I love something if I buy it a few times, and I’ve been using Skinny Tan for almost 3 years now!

I can say with confidence this is the longest I have ever used any one tanning line. I’ve tried almost every single product Skinny Tan makes but my all-time favorite is the Gradual Tanning Mousse.

**BTW: This is totally NOT SPONSORED (But it could becall me Skinny Tan! 😉). I just actually use it and like it.

Why I love Skinny Tan’s Gradual Tanning Mousse:

  • It’s easy to apply: exact precision is NOT necessary. I barely think when I’m putting it on.
  • Your wrist and ankles don’t look gross.
  • You get a satisfying color with just ONE application but you can totally layer it for more.
  • It smells nice and isn’t overpowering.
  • It doesn’t transfer all over your bed.
  • If you wake up late and can’t shower it off, that’s ok too! I mean, I wouldn’t wear white and go for a run—but generally, you’d be fine.
  • It lasts almost a full week.
  • It doesn’t come off in patches making you look mangy or dirty (the WORST).

Needless to say, I love it. It’s the perfect mix of easy to use and natural color. Keep in mind that shipping time can be a bit slow, so don’t wait until you’ve got a tanning emergency. Also, skip Amazon—Skinny Tan’s website has GREAT deals!

Have you tried Skinny Tan yet? What’s your favorite self-tanning product? Tell me your faves in the comments.



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